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Articulos Publicados:

– “Antigenicity and immunogenicity of a novel chimeric peptide antigen based on the P. vivax circumsporozoite protein”

– “Malaria vaccines: high-throughput tools for antigens discovery with potential for their development”

– “Characterization of a Malaria Outbreak in Colombia in 2010”.

– “Knowledge attitudes and practices on malaria in Colombia “.

– «Field evaluation of an automated RDT reader and data management device for Plasmodium falciparum/Plasmodium vivax malaria in endemic areas of Colombia»

– «Plasmodium vivax antigen discovery based on alpha-helical coiled coil protein motif»

– «Antigenicity and immunogenicity of a novel Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite derived synthetic vaccine construct.»

– «Plasmodium vivax Sporozoite Challenge in Malaria-Naïve and Semi-Immune Colombian Volunteers»

– «Manifestaciones neurológicas durante la infección por el virus del dengue»

– «Detección de antígenos del virus del dengue en tejidos post mórtem»

Articulos Sometidos:

– “Malaria-related anemia in patients from unstable transmission areas in Colombia”

– “El diagnóstico en dengue: un rompecabezas a resolver”

– “Evaluation of the loop mediated isothermal DNA amplification (LAMP) for malaria diagnose in a P. vivax endemic setting”

– “Description of highrates of inapparent and simultaneous multiple dengue virus infection in a Colombian jungle small village”

– “Prospects for Malaria Elimination in Mesoamerica and Hispaniola Island”

Articulos En preparación:

– “Prevalence of asymptomatic malaria infections in Colombian regions with different epidemiological Profiles”.

– «Malaria in Colombian pregnant women»

– “Species distribution in three malaria endemic areas in Colombia”.

– “Human-vector contact in the three highest malaria transmission areas in Colombia”.

– “Clinical profile of uncomplicated malaria in Colombia: Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax comparison”

– «P.vivax gametocyte prevalence and dynamics of infectivity»

– «Peri-urban malaria transmission in Colombia»

– «Detección de los cuatro serotipos de dengue en mosquitos Aedes aegypti recolectados en área rural de dos municipios de Cundinamarca»


Capitulo de Libro.

– «Natural acquisition of immunity to Plasmodium vivax: epidemiological observations and potential targets.»Mueller, Ivo, Mary R. Galinski, Takafumi Tsuboi, Myriam Arevalo-Herrera, William E. Collins, and Christopher L. King. Adv Parasitol 81 (2013): 77-131


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