Caucaseco services


Caucaseco provides support for research and scientific training within the consortium through three strategic lines of work, described below:


Scientific Housing:

Provides a space for partners to develop research in optimal conditions in terms of infrastructure, organization and administrative support enabling the development of scientific activities at internationally competitive standards.

It offers associated research groups:

Physical facilities such as laboratories, offices, and animal facilities, among others. We also provide administrative support, project development, human resource management, accounting, quality assurance, information technology and communications.

School of Science:

The school of science was developed with the aim of promoting interest in science and encouraging research in children and youth of the Department of Valle and at the same time forming teachers of primary and secondary levels so they are multipliers of this process. The School of Science entitled “The Scientific Anthill” provides support to community colleges in the district of El Hormiguero, Department of Valle del Cauca and Cauca, giving priority to the most vulnerable population.

Agricultural Farm:

he farm is developed to support the supply of fruits and pastures for feeding animals in the Primate Center Foundation and the Center for Applied Biotechnology.