We are currently in the process of accreditation, where our main objective is to contribute to the protection of human and animal health and the environment through the development of toxicological studies, which allow the establishment of permanent communication channels with industry to meet the needs and comply with the regulations of the ministry of environment, housing and development.



Asoclinic currently offers three types of environmental toxicity tests, which are referenced in the Resolution No. 0062 of 2007 issued by the IDEAM

    •  Acute toxicity tests with Daphnia magna
    • Acute toxicity tests with Daphnia pulex
    • Algal Inhibition Assays Salenastrum capricornutum


Sampling of contaminated soil and waste

Toxicity tests to assess the impact of pollutants and their mixtures in the environment and establish permitted levels.

These tests consist of exposing one or many organisms to certain concentrations of toxicity for a determined time.

This test is useful for:

    • Basic research of the phenomenon of toxicity
    • To establish criteria or standards of quality of surface water or effluent
    • Environmental impact assessments and ecological risk (characterization and disposal, Decree 4741 of 2005)
    • Monitoring the condition of a body of water
    • Characterization of commercial products (MSDS)