MVDC- Malaria Vaccine and Drug Development Center


Malaria Vaccine and Drug Development Center (MVDC),Dedicated to performing both basic science and clinical research aimed at the identification, evaluation and development of vaccine candidates against malaria. The Center has research units in:

Molecular biology and chemistry: where new diagnostic methods are evaluated and malaria vaccine candidates are identified and produced.

Immunology: responsible for evaluating the immune response induced by malaria, which improves vaccine development and develops a better understanding of the disease.

Entomology: performs experimental and educational activities about malaria vectors. It includes 3 Anopheles albimanus mosquito colonies from which it provides support for functional testing in preclinical and clinical studies in addition to vector susceptibility testing.

Clinical trials: in charge of maintaining direct and constant contact with the volunteers participating in research protocols, ensuring their welfare and performing the relevant medical monitoring to ensure the quality and safety of processes.

Since its inception the CIV has worked in cooperation with national and international and private and governmental entities ranking as one of the world leaders in the development of malaria vaccines.

Research Lines