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onfidentiality:applies principles of transparency, loyalty, ethics and equity and expresses consistency and confidentiality in its actions towards these principles. It legally guarantees (contractually) that those who form part of the institution are obligated  to hold all reservations regarding the handling of information.

  • Respect: upholds the right to diversity and the freedom of thought, feeling and action without prejudice to the common interest. attaches importance and value to the beliefs and opinions of individuals. This is the basis of mutual respect that further contributes to effective communication.
  • Seriousness: maintains adequacy and organization in its work, avoiding the risks related to our services. We maintain a rigorous action and way of proceeding strictly adhering to compliance with contractual and non-contractual commitments. acts with honesty, is accurate, timely and strict in observance and actions.
  • Kindness: treats all customers respectfully, demonstrating sensibility for their problems with total dedication.
  • Fulfillment: We demonstrate implementation at full capacity. The execution of all functions and activities will be based on compliance with the policies, rules and regulations that always maintain as top priority the respect for human dignity.

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The Consortium is dedicated to scientific research, sample processing, specialized clinical laboratory environmental testing and analysis through implementation, maintenance and improvement of quality program assurance based on the following principles:

– Continuous satisfaction of our customers.

– Leadership in implementing research projects and quality tests.

– The use of appropriate and competitive technological equipment and controlled environments.

– Competent and qualified human resource.

– Reliable and confidential test results.


[bra_toggle collapsable=”no” caption=”RESEARCH POLICY”] As research activity is a priority for the consortium, the following guidelines are established:

– The responsibilities of researchers will be defined by the characteristics of the protocol and the profiles of each of the responsibles.

– All protocols for clinical studies submitted on behalf of the center shall be sent to the address for evaluation and approval.

– All researchers should act ethically and in the case of any doubt should refer to the matrix of conflict of interest.

– All projects shall be submitted to the appropriate ethics committee.


[bra_toggle collapsable=”no” caption=”QUALITY GOALS”] Quality control develops teamwork and requires conscious, active, and determined participation from all organizational staff.

– Manage the institutional resources effectively and efficiently.
– Strengthen labor skills and overall development of human talent.
– Establish a trusting relationship with our customers through excellent attention PRE and POST sale, based on transparency, trust and good service.
– Ensure the quality of our services through unified and standardized processes that allow measurement and continuous improvement in each of our activities.

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