Consortium Vision


To be recognized in 2020 as a center of international reference in scientific research supplying nationwide specialized clinical diagnosis and analysis of environmental samples.


The Consortium is dedicated to scientific research, sample processing, specialized clinical laboratory environmental testing and analysis through implementation, maintenance and improvement of quality program assurance based on the following principles:

– Continuous satisfaction of our customers.
– Leadership in implementing research projects and quality tests.
– The use of appropriate and competitive technological equipment and controlled environments.
– Competent and qualified human resource.
– Reliable and confidential test results.


As research activity is a priority for the consortium, the following guidelines are established:

– The responsibilities of researchers will be defined by the characteristics of the protocol and the profiles of each of the responsibles.
– All protocols for clinical studies submitted on behalf of the center shall be sent to the address for evaluation and approval.
– All researchers should act ethically and in the case of any doubt should refer to the matrix of conflict of interest.
– All projects shall be submitted to the appropriate ethics committee.


Quality control develops teamwork and requires conscious, active, and determined participation from all organizational staff.