[two_thirds]   [bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]T[/bra_dropcaps]o be recognized in 2020 as a center of international reference in scientific research supplying nationwide specialized clinical diagnosis and analysis of environmental samples.

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The Consortium is dedicated to scientific research, sample processing, specialized clinical laboratory environmental testing and analysis through implementation, maintenance and improvement of quality program assurance based on the following principles:

– Continuous satisfaction of our customers. – Leadership in implementing research projects and quality tests. – The use of appropriate and competitive technological equipment and controlled environments. – Competent and qualified human resource. – Reliable and confidential test results.

[/bra_toggle] [bra_toggle collapsable=”no” caption=”RESEARCH POLICY”] As research activity is a priority for the consortium, the following guidelines are established: – The responsibilities of researchers will be defined by the characteristics of the protocol and the profiles of each of the responsibles. – All protocols for clinical studies submitted on behalf of the center shall be sent to the address for evaluation and approval. – All researchers should act ethically and in the case of any doubt should refer to the matrix of conflict of interest. – All projects shall be submitted to the appropriate ethics committee. [/bra_toggle]

[bra_toggle collapsable=”no” caption=”QUALITY GOALS”] Quality control develops teamwork and requires conscious, active, and determined participation from all organizational staff.

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[/bra_list] [bra_border_divider] [bra_highlight style=”highlight1″]Address:[/bra_highlight] [bra_list style=”colored-counter-list”] Km 6 Vía Cali-Puerto Tejada Telephone: 5216231 Contact: ensayos@inmuno.org[/bra_list] [/one_third_last]